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WordCamp Torino 2016

Wapuuuu #wctrn

It was my first experience attending a WordCamp. As a volunteers, which makes it even more special.
Two days of networking, meeting amazing people, exchanging views, ideas, contributing to make the web, to make WordPress a greater place to be part of.
I’m no specialist, no core engineer. I’m simply a fan of such user friendly platform that makes you “feel at home” when writing, creating, sharing.

It all started with me going to Meetups in Torino back to last summer. I got to enjoy more and more. It is a community that has grown immensely in the last nine months. So much so that their organisers decided to have a go and try to put in place a WordCamp Torino in less than three month. Not an easy task!

Two days of event. Contributors Day and Conference Day. Over 300 people. Participants, speakers and volunteers all together in a perfect blend of smoothness as both days came along.
People from all over Italy and abroad.

What I love the most about this crazy web world is the possibility that gives you to communicate, engage into very productive networks. And no doubt, since I began blogging back in 2011, I’ve learned so much, met some pretty cool people, some are good friends nowadays.
It is all thanks to WordPress and the links with the social media that goes together with it.

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Frankly If I was to put into words what these two days meant to me, I could write down adjectives.

Special. Mature. Productive. Emotional. Intense. Fun. Funny. Overwhelming. Delicious. Tiring. Rewarding. At ease with.

Here is also a collection of links to all albums posted so far on the web.

Work by Samuele Silva

Post by Ilaria Baigueri

Post by Luca Sartoni

Visit WordCamp Torino Facebook page for more pictures and update.

Once again, well done guys! All comments and pictures speak for themselves!

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